This type of audit verifies that processes are working within established limits. It evaluates an operation or method against predetermined instructions or standards to measure conformance to these standards and the effectiveness of the instructions.

During process audit, we ;

  • Check conformance to defined requirements, regulations, procedures, technical standarts, orders, instructions and signed  agreements,
  • Examine the resources (facility, equipment, materials, people technical and operational orders
  • Check the adequacy and effectiveness of the process controls established by procedures, work instructions, training and process specifications.


This type of audit is an examination of a particular product or service, such as aircraft, aircraft components and parts  to evaluate whether it conforms to requirements (i.e., procedures, regulations, technical orders, specifications, performance standards, and customer requirements).


This audit verifies  the current status of the aircraft records are completed, accurate and up to date. This type of audit is usually associated with a periodic, mid-lease term and lease return assessment for Airplane owners or leasing companies. It can also be performed when a

This audit  includes at least following checks;

  • AD Status Check
  • Hard-Time component status
  • Component records (Certification, Part- Serial number check)
  • Heavy checks, inspections or overhauls
  • Physical check of the aircraft

Airplane Documentation