The Heavy Maintenance Technical Representative is present during maintenance, repair, and overhaul during accomplishment of aircraft heavy maintenance service and paint. The Technical Representative interfaces with North Star Certification, Planning, Quality Control, Engineering, and our Business Partners to address all maintenance requirements during a scheduled aircraft heavy maintenance service event.

On behalf of you, we can;

  • attend pre-induction review meeting on behalf of you, Materials, and the Maintenance/Repair/Overhaul (MRO) provider of required and additional maintenance tasks
  • surge optimum MROs for your need
  • attend daily status meetings and report on execution of the heavy maintenance service event by the MRO
  • Liaise with the MRO for all planning, material, and technical requirements of the service
  • Review non-routines and provide analysis of required hours, repair scheme, and impact to plan for repairs
  • Review engineering and material requirements for aircraft heavy maintenance service events
  • Provide oversight of JetBlue CAMP, Airworthiness Agreements, and JetBlue GMM
  • Complete daily aircraft walk-around to ensure the following; Safety and Quality Protocols are being maintained, “Safety of Flight” issues are addressed and documented, full understanding of major repairs being performed, and critical path/constraints have been identified.
  • Provide Out-of-Service(OOS) support as required
  • Maintain aircraft logbook and ensure M&E system is updated and completed correctly for each heavy maintenance service event
  • Other duties as assigned

our consultants are well-positioned to assist you in navigating the mounting constraints on the aviation sector.  When you engage a North Star Consultant you will pay for 30 years plus experience cognocenti.  Just 30 minutes of our advice is based on decades of experience.

Our clients have come to us for:

  • Employee engagement strategies
  • Commercial due diligence
  • Project management and resource planning
  • Workstream analysis
  • Venture capital sourcing

Change management

  • Aviation Safety and Compliance
  • Aviation Auditing Services
  • EASA TCO Applications

​Some of our recent projects

  • EASA approval of an FAA certified NDI/NDT service provider in Texas, USA
  • Project planning for a Norwegian start-up airline
  • Advisors to the board of a low-cost airline in Oman
  • Orchestrating the re-approval of a suspended AOC, an exercise involving recruitment, compliance, safety management and close liaison with the Competent Authority
  • Advising a Competent Authority in the Middle East on the introduction of new legislation
  • Marketing plan for a new VIP operator
  • Troubleshooting for an international corporation to find out why they were not meeting contractually agreed KPIs
  • Aerodrome consultations to assess the use of a disused RAF base for GA purposes
  • Project Management for a major UK AirlineAlton supports airlines by developing customized MRO sourcing strategies including the preparation of requests for information (RFI), requests for proposal (RFP), supplier bid analysis and financial modeling, negotiation support, supplier selection, and contract management for airframe heavy maintenance, line maintenance, engine maintenance, component maintenance, MRO IT solutions, and spare parts and inventory

Our consultants have a very strong background in the fields of MRO. With our combined know-how, we are able to provide expertise to handle all aspects of aircraft asset management. From Airworthiness Reviews to Aircraft Transitions, Deliveries, Re-Deliveries and Return to service condition of all around commercial maintenance.

We cover a wide range of services on Technical Support and our qualified engineers expertise on the subjects are well recognized with years of experience in this field.

Performance of the Services

  • Records &/or Physical Technical Consultants Services during re-deliveries.
  • Representative support during maintenance (i.e. Transitions, “C” check, Painting, Livery ,Engine Borescope)
  • Assistance support during Aircraft’s registration.
  • Aircraft Inspections & aircraft records
  • Routine Surveys- Physical inspection to verify the a/c technical condition.

The service includes: Any technical service requested by the customer at various locations on behalf of the customer or its clients as required and agreed between them.

The Consultant shall follow the directions reasonably given by the Customer in respect of the policies to be pursued as well as any other instructions regarding the best performance of the services.

The Consultant shall be free to organize the performance of the Service, but within the general guidelines set out by the customer.

The consultant must provide daily or weekly progress report to the customer with regards to the service, if requested by the customer