Consultancy Services provides essential service support with highly experienced independent Aircraft Maintenance engineering representative and consultancy for aircraft pre acceptance lease or buy.

We cover a wide range of services on Technical Support and our qualified engineers expertise on the subjects are well recognized with years of experience in this field.

In close cooperation with the airline or lessor, North Star Consultancy can perform a fully documented audit of the aircraft’s technical records in order to establish its airworthiness status and commercial value.

Physical inspection is very thorough in order to check the aircraft for hidden damages, previous repairs systems and engines operation etc. Consultants provide Aviation Technical Services in relation to matters of commercial aircraft sales, leases, subleases, audits, returns & deliveries, as per the following:

Performance of the Services

  • On site End of lease/Phase out Checks Acceptance and Re Deliveries
  • On Site Aircraft Damage Reports/Audits
  • Technical Evaluation Reports
  • Full Aircraft Records Review/Audit
  • Registration and de-registration of Aircraft with International Regulatory Authorities
  • Annual Audits
  • Representative support during maintenance (i.e Transition, ”C” check, Painting, Livery, Engine Borescope)
  • Routine surveys physical inspection to verify the A/C technical condition


The consultant will provide daily or weekly progress report to the customer with regards to the service